March 23, 2014
idk why but this is funny to me…. 

idk why but this is funny to me…. 

February 19, 2014
"I just kinda wanna kiss his face and see if his jaw cuts my lip"

— an actual thing I said to my actual friend about an actually attractive guy I know. 

February 13, 2014

Insight for those wondering about what happens when I text my cousin

January 21, 2013

So one day in like 4th grade we were doing that Flat Stanley Pen Pal thing that schools like to make kids do and this kid in my class got in trouble for writing “PIMP” on his Flat Stanley’s shirt

March 24, 2012

still dying

March 24, 2012

Frank N Furter Memes. Just died

September 20, 2011


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